Softex S.M.P.C applies strict operating standards at all levels, aiming to:

  • - consistency in responding to customer requirements,
  • - continuous customer satisfaction and support,
  • - the supply of excellent quality household paper (toilet paper, kitchen rolls, napkins, tissues) and incontinence products (open and closed diapers, sanitary napkins), incontinence pads and baby diapers,
  • and

  • - immediate response to ever - increasing market demands.

The basic principles of Softex quality policy as expressed in the Quality Assurance System and applied in Softex S.M.P.C is:

  • - Identifying and meeting customer requirements
  • - The continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  • - Compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard
  • - Compliance with applicable market provisions
  • - The constructive cooperation with the Suppliers - Customers
  • - The continuous training of the staff
  • - In-depth investigation of the causes of complaints and non-compliances and the definition of preventive and corrective actions
  • - The use of modern and specialized equipment, perfectly suitable for the products produced
  • - The establishment of measurable indicators to assess the functionality and performance of the operational processes.
  • - The definition of the corrective and preventive actions required to improve quality, aiming to achieve the strict implementation of Quality Management Systems.

Softex S.M.P.C aims to continuously improve the quality of services provided through the ever-evolving efficiency of the quality management system. To achieve this goal the Management of the company provides the necessary resources and sets measurable goals, which are reviewed at regular intervals and are improved or adjusted when required.


Our aim is to relentlessly improve the quality of our services through the constantly evolving efficiency of our company's quality management system.